Thursday, 4 February 2010

Could we insult God?

Presuming God exists as an all knowing being, consider this:

It is funny how some religions warn against blasphemy towards God. How is this possible?

A being that has not only created life, but the universe and time itself, all knowing, infinite..... So... how could a small insignificant life form, human beings, with such a limited perspective on the universe, insult an all knowing entity?

Can an ant insult a human?

Surely it would be insulting to presume anything I could say or do could offend such a being? In fact it is the height of human arrogance to assume I know God and the universe so well that I would know how to insult such a being!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Ultimate Observer and The Big Bang!

Before the beginning there was void, an empty region devoid of time and space, without beginning or end, infinite, a non existence.

However this region had the possibility to create our universe.

Let us consider this region being a Realm of Possibility, the potential for everything ever possible. A realm where a conciousness resides, a singular infinite concious state, the Ultimate Observer.

This conciousness observes our universe as a state of mind, an idea. Now within this Realm of Possibility, this non existence, this idea of our universe comes into existence, becomes a reality.

All potential creations can shift from non existence within this realm to existence, however a possibility needs the union of conciousness to observe this potential creation, the conciousness must observe to bring it into existence.

Within our universe there are now similarities. We are in the image of the Ultimate Observer, we imagine possibilities, observe our universe and create, bring into existence our ideas, though within the laws of physics that binds this universe, we cannot simply think and observe an idea into existence. However there is a similarity in principle.

So, we are observers, with a conciousness, where we bring from the vastness within that conciousness ideas into a state of being from emptiness. We then manipulate our universe to bring the ideas into a tangible creation.