A View

The Milky Way

Life is a complex illusion, made up of many layers of reality.

What we see, touch, smell and taste is just one level of reality, a single perception. However we know there is a bigger universe with many things happening that we do not fully understand and at times struggle to comprehend.

It is a wonderful and strange universe that we live in;

  • we have found that there may not be a universal constant flow of time and that time could be manipulated
  • the fabric of space is eternal, forever expanding
  • the existence of black holes that have a gravity so great that even light cannot escape
  • the theory of worm holes connecting two separate points in time, space and possibly reality
  • the possible existence of different dimensions where there are alternate "me's" living out alternate decisions 
  • the possibility of a multiverse, universes existing simultaneously side by side
  • the idea of consciousness existing in another layer of reality, created from a singularity where all possibilities come
  • We have peered into a quantum world where our known laws of physics no longer exist, where the very act of observation can alter an outcome

What this teaches us is that we must remain open to all possibilities and ideas. There is no single truth, but more a succession of truths, each leading to a greater understanding of our universe, existence and ultimately ourselves.