Sunday, 7 August 2011

Two Moons seen in Busby, Australia? HOAX!

There have been reports of two moons appearing in Busby, Australia.

Unfortunately it is another hoax.

The image below is the original photo posted with the claim, as you can see it clearly shows two moons.

However, the two moons in the picture are of the same moon, just rotated, colourised and added to the scene. If you look below at the analysed image you can clearly see that it is the same moon.
Do not believe all the claims out there!

Plus in the following image you can clearly see in the top right hand corner the image as been badly tampered with. (contrast enhanced to show 'brush strokes')

It is unfortunate that some people are not interested in the truth about this wonderful universe we live in, but, would rather spend their time fabricating and frightening people.

Always check what you choose to believe, remain fluid and assimilate new information...

The Truth Is Out There.....

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