Sunday, 7 March 2010

Was God bored?

Was the universe created because God was bored? This infinite consciousness created a realm of experience where it could experience itself, become individual and interact with different aspects of itself. Are we simply rain drops returning to the sea?

Is our world an illusion?

I believe what we see is real on one level, but on an ultimate truth level, it is not real. What we see is simply a creation of our own consciousness, and we are that consciousness experiencing its own creation. We simply forgot, or chose to forget and within our ignorance we can experience individuality and life. If we knew the ultimate truth and remembered who we were, would the reality we created lose its meaning?

Friday, 5 March 2010

Our world around us is a creation of our own thoughts

Our world around us is a creation of our own thoughts. What we think and feel is what we create and attract. This, I believe, is the ultimate simple truth, but, we are sometimes so stuck to old beliefs it is hard to accept new information, new ways of perceiving the world, the universe, ourselves!

We once believed that the world was the centre of the universe, we were obviously wrong.... Our understanding grows, constantly, and resting on outmoded habits stifles understanding and learning.

We know so little of the universe, yet some are quick to accept absolutes.

I believe we have opened the door to a new way of understanding the universe and our role in it. The answers are few, but do tell us what direction to go.. We finally have a map!