Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Where do we start..

I often wonder about the universe and our role, if any, in it. Is there a greater purpose for each of us, a destiny or fate? Are we missing the fundamental reason we all exist and are here?
So where do we start, what direction do we go in order to find the truth in all things. What is truth, this is perhaps the ultimate question, the ultimate reality, and cannot be easily understood. This is because of our individuality, we each have a perspective about our world which is based on our own life experiences, and is very biased, this makes a single truth hard to comprehend.
But are we so different? I believe on a more basic level we are fundamentally the same, striving for the same goal, ultimately to be happy in our life. So to understand truth, we must first understand each other and how we interact, think and feel. Understand our relationship to time and to our ultimate ending, death.

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