Thursday, 10 February 2011

Does planet Nibiru exist?

  • Is it true that a planet approaching earth would cause us problems, well the simple answer is yes, however whether the planet Nibiru from the Sumerian text exists is open to debate. 
    There have been different translations and interpretation of the Sumerian writings, so ultimately it is all open to debate. However we should always remain open minded to all possibilities and accept it is a big universe out there, and we no very little of it.
    Remember we have often thought we had the right answers only to be proven wrong over time, so even the "nutters" out there may hold a little truth, the key is to wade through all the information available and then come to a conclusion, a conclusion that must remain fluid. 
    However, all conclusions are only a single perspective of a truth, often the same truth can be viewed differently by two different people, depending on their views, upbringing, etc.
    It is healthy to debate these things, because it is only through diversity of opinion can a closer truth be found. Additionally it is wrong to simply dismiss those who opinions differ, this will simply lead to a narrow view point. 
    Ultimately we ALL want the truth, and there are many paths that lead there.

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