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Wales, UK UFO sightings - from 2002

Current maps: UFO Sightings

Caersws, 2002
Bright light in the sky over the mountains towards Caersws. Did not make a sound or have flashing lights.

Whitemill, Carmarthen, 2004Something strange in the sky, like a streak of light.

Beguildy, Knighton, 2004Lights that looked like a lighthouse in the sky, and then later it was round with black spots with a ray of light.

Penybont, 2005Something with two lights has landed in field. Later discovered to be orange flares from army exercise.

Llanyre, Llandrindod Wells, 2005Oblong shaped, bright yellow craft, going horizontally across, about 10 to 15ft off the ground.

New Quay, 2006Spot light from across the hill thought to be a UFO.

Meifod, Powys, 2007
Triangular shape in sky with different coloured lights in each corner. A pulsing pink light lit up the vehicle. There was no sound to the object.

Llanelli, 2008Four low flying, brightly lit objects.

Newtown, 2008
Flashing balls of light though to be two UFOs.

Llanidloes, 2009Three orange lights thought to be UFOs. Object seized and discovered to be a night lantern.

Beacons Reservoir, Brecon, 2009
Report of a UFO in the sky.

Llangattock, Crickhowell, 2009
Large, vivid orange object, cylindrical in shape. Later thought to have been a night lantern.

Aberdyfi Estuary, 2004Round craft of 200 to 300m in length. When seen his car engine stopped.

Ffrwdgrech, Brecon, 2009Three lights, travelling at 20 knots.

Glanamman, Ammanford, 2009
Report of large orange sphere in the sky, looks like a hot air balloon. Later clarified to be Chinese lanterns.

Crickhowell, 2009Report sighting of a red flare, possible UFO sighting.

Brecon, 2009Reporting sight of bright white light, then two orange lights, not high up and no sound coming from them.

Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion, 2009
Three large orange lights in a triangular formation with white light around them.

Cardigan, 2009Two waves of UFO with red lights go past, high up in the sky.

Llanelli, 2010About 100 red lights in the sky. All very bright all slow-moving going from west to east. Moving too quick to be Chinese lanterns and too slow to be an aircraft.

Beaumaris, 2004Three lights in a triangular pattern, travelling East.

Denbigh, 2005UFO in the sky

Penmaenmawr, 2005Two sightings of immense white light moving quickly and silently across the sky.

Abergele, 2006Caller was suspected of being drunk claimed to have seen a UFO.

Blaenau Ffestiniog, 2007Bright light witnessed disappearing into the clouds.

Llangollen, 2007Family saw a flame shimmering in the sky.

Pwllheli, 2008
Luminous orange light with a white circle of light around it, making no noise and hovering around the area for 10 minutes.

Denbigh, 2009Three large red lights about the size of the moon before flying off. Shortly afterwards a fourth craft appeared in the sky.

Prestatyn, 2009Red, yellow and orange lights moving backwards and forwards really quickly, with no noise.

Wrexham, 2010Very large, orange in colour, but changed to red, blue and green.

Bangor, 2010A large, black triangular shaped craft appeared. It made a noise similar a lawnmower. It hovered in the sky for just over a minute before vanishing.

Colwyn Bay, 2010Glowing green triangles at the back of the craft, which eventually faded out.

Aberfan, 2007Large light in the sky in Aberfan, with several vehicles circling it. Several beams of light coming from the main craft.

Maerdy mountain, 2009Round, grey orb, moving across the moon and sometimes covering it.

Bridgend, 2009Four grey, circular UFOs flew above the Ford engine plant in Bridgend. Two aircrafts were flying overhead when the UFOs flew under them, travelling faster than supersonic speed.

Cardiff, 2008Circular craft with flashing lights at about 15,000 feet in the sky and heading towards Newport.

Cardiff, 2009Witness reported seeing a UFO flying above the city.

Margam, 2009
Spinning craft with twenty small lights above Margam.

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