Sunday, 5 June 2011

2010 Era, The Possibilities, Proof and the Signs

I have found these videos and I feel that they are really worth watching.

We are in a time of increasing change, from increased activity in the Sun to massive changes here on Earth. Now, some will say that these changes mean nothing, however, these changes are happening all at once and why now?

Is it co-incidence that these changes were predicted many years ago?

  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunami
  • Strange weather patterns
  • Magnetic pole shift
  • Holes in the magnetosphere
  • Animals/Insects dying
  • Increased solar activity (C.M.E.)

...the list goes on...

There is so much evidence that something big is happening, and the evidence is still mounting, so why are people still so dismissive, is it so hard to comprehend that there is more happening in our solar system?

It is important to remain open minded, because surely in an ever expanding universe ANYTHING is possible!

25 Signs

Comet Elenin or Brown Dwarf Star, no defence?

The following videos are from

Planet X / Nibiru / Comet ELEnin 2011/12 Flyby Scenarios Part 1

Planet X / Nibiru / Comet ELEnin 2011/12 Flyby Scenarios Part 2

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