Friday, 7 October 2011

Web-Bot prophecies 2011/2012 - The wisdom of crowds

The Telegraph Article
'Web-bot project' makes prophecy of 2012 apocalypse

Prophecies for 2011

Prophecy 2011 – 1
Earthquakes increasing in intensity and frequency.
Prophecy 2011 – 2
Solar activity increasing in activity and intensity, peaking in 2012.
Prophecy 2011 – 3
The beginning of the end of the catholic church will start in the period of 12-02-2012
Prophecy 2011 – 4
Increasing solar activity causing heavy storms to hit US coastal areas.
Prophecy 2011 – 5
The West will one day be at war with Iran, Russia or China.
Prophecy 2011 – 6
War could break out between India and Pakistan / China, India will win the war if it will happens in 12-02-2012.
Prophecy 2011 – 7
Global economic collapse, Europe is in big trouble, Euro on verge of collapse.
Prophecy 2011 – 8
Before the start of the third world war you will see a clear sign in the sky.
Prophecy 2011 – 9
As predicted in the year 2010, the economic bubble will explode.
Prophecy 2011 – 10
WWIII will start if Israel attacks Iran – If Israel does not attack Iran, Israel may eventually be destroyed.
Prophecy 2011 – 11
Massive floods and rains will hit the earth.
Prophecy 2011 – 12
Massive earthquake in western hemisphere
Prophecy 2011 – 13
Vladimir Putin is the AntiChrist after Lenin and Stalin, Putin will destroy most of the world if not stopped by the already returned Christ. The beast with the 10 crowns in revelation is the return of Russian Communism with the Antichrist as leader. Putin is using muslims to weaken the west, the attack will be sudden.
Prophecy 2011 – 14
Peaks in solar activity could trigger earthquakes and tsunamis in 2011 and 2012.
Prophecy 2011 – 15
The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak will die at the end of the year 2010 or in 2011.
Prophecy 2011 – 16
Mabus will die at the end of 2010 or in 2011: read Nostradamus Prophecy
Mabus could be the US President Barack Hussein Obama OR the Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. Mabus is NOT “The Antichrist”, Nostradamus wanted to give a sign, when Mabus dies horrible things will happen to the world. He also didn’t say Mabus would be assassinated, he just “dies”
Prophecy 2011 – 17
More secrets will be revealed like predicted in 2010
Prophecy 2011 – 18
Conflict starting in Korea
Prophecy 2011 – 19
Benedict will die in 2011-­2012, read St.Malachy Prophecy
Prophecy 2011 – 20
Vladimir Putin will become the new russian president in 2012, he was –  prophecy of the AntiChrist
Prophecy 2011 – 21
US – Pakistan tensions
Prophecy 2011 – 22
Possible large earthquake will strike in May 2011.

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