Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are we just human livestock?

We are born free, then offered by our parents to the state and into state slavery. This is an unfortunate fact, it is best explained here:

The Government see its peoples, human beings, only as a commodity to be managed, used, and abused when it feels fit. We are made to believe that we are free, however ask yourself do you really have freedom? We are slaves living in a situation, created by the state, to keep us in place in-order to maintain the states power over us. Society is an illusion, much like religion, created to give the minority power over the majority, we believe we cannot exist without it, fear of losing what you have, however human beings were occupying this planet for thousands of years before the creation of this modern society.

It is time for a change, our society has only created poverty, separation of peoples, intolerance, wars and a lack of community. Civilisation, as it stands, has failed. So why are we clinging to an outmoded way of living, no alternative? Well, of course there are alternatives, but it takes a new way of thinking, redefining what it means to be human. Letting go of the fear of change, and intellectually evolving as a species.

Humanity is on a path of self destruction, and unless we all change how we live and govern our lives, it will all come to a crashing end.

Remember to keep fighting for your right to shop... materialism has brought us so much.... but haven't we lost more than what we've gained?

Is this the beginning of the end now? 2012 has been predicted as the era of extreme change, politically, geologically and socially....

“We are nearing the end of the grand experiment in nation states, democracy and socialism. In case you hadn’t noticed, it failed miserably. Hundreds of millions were killed in wars engendered by nation states and made possible by fiat currencies and countless more were impoverished by the central banks instituted by the state. Riots and protests around the globe from Rome, to Egypt to nearly every major city in the US now attest to that. Countries, however, are like living organisms and they will do almost anything to stay alive.They have always treated their tax-slaves (citizens) as milk cows and they will treat them as beef cows if worse comes to worse. It is for this reason that it is more important than ever to both understand what is really going on—hint: whatever the government or what the newsreaders on your nightly news say is not what is really going on. It is also more important than ever to begin to protect yourself from your own government,” writes The Dollar Vigilante.

Have a hug..... it's ok :-)
This video from England shows an excellent way to protest the ignorance and arrogance of the world and all who would dare to hold weight over our well being

As long as evil walks our planet and inhabits the upper halls of power, no system of government is going to work in service of humanity’s needs. We need a human council of beings who demonstrate transparently that they can listen and work the deepest conflicts out with each other. 
We need reasonably pure souls who have no other strong motive than to serve their fellow beings to come together in group consciousness, which is arrived at through the practice of Creative Conflict. 
Creative Conflict was developed by Dr. Christopher Hills over 35 years ago and it presented a serious test for humanity because the very first step in the Creative Conflict process is to set your ego (sense of self) aside and open up your ears and then your heart to really listen to the inner world of others. In this process we have to prove the quality of our listening by “mirroring” back to others not only their words and feelings but also the deeper meanings and implications of their communications. 
Unfortunately we have failed miserably in this regard and are going to pay a stupendous price. We might as well ask fish to breathe air—we stand more of a chance of finding one that can do that than finding many humans who are deliberately sacrificing their egos for the common good and the experience of group consciousness. 
The humble work of learning how little and how superficially we communicate and listen is not for arrogant people; they are excluded and will have to face their natural end in eternity someday. Sociopaths and psychopaths by definition have no heart, no capacity for feelings, but they are intelligent and capable of destroying everything they touch. 
As a race we are troubled and our long-term survivability chances do not seem very good. I say that as an optimist. I also say that with sadness looking over the table at my daughter.
Are we able to love our race enough to work on the quality of our own consciousness by working with others to this end effect? What is the true meaning and purpose of our life on earth? Why are we here? Or what is the highest purpose we can seek? What is it that everyone runs away from that we must find?

Push for change....

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