Sunday, 4 December 2011

2012: are we witnessing the signs

If we consider not only the increased solar, geological and financial problems, we also have social issues at home and abroad. We now have an open conflict with Iran and now Pakistan, plus an increasing uneasiness  between China, Russia and the US.

Has this all been predicted?

It has been suggested that there will be a change in social consciousness and social order. There will be a catastrophe, whether geological or through a WWIII.

There will be a drastic change.

Are we witnessing this happening? Certainly events seem to be gaining speed and direction, we can all see that if we carry on the road we are on, the outcome is scarily obvious, so why?

Well maybe it is inevitable, not for civilisation to end, but to change. We are in a desperate need for equality, for all people to have the basics, to have a caring society based on a humanity not on greed.


Maybe if we aimed higher, aimed to be better, we would achieve a better world.


I had a conversation with a born again Christian, who is adamant that God will bring the 'End Of Days' and the unworthy will fall and suffer, only the chosen and those who repentant will be saved, if they have faith in Jesus Christ.

This really saddens me, that a God who created us all to be what we are, would condemn us for being what we have been created to be. Surely we are all God's children, to condemn a child for trying to understand this universe and find their way, is simply a cruel act. As a father the door is always open to my children, no matter what they do, they cannot truly offend, a parents love has no boundaries.

Quote from my conversation "We have free will to do the right thing, well as long as it agrees with God.... well, what I believe God wants...."

Free will cannot be given, but then we are condemned for using it. If we truly have free will, then free will and the decisions we make must be respected, if not, then we are all simply following a predetermined path, so cannot be held accountable for our actions.

We are all human, and it is humanity we should trust. If we put all our hopes in a God, we take away our own responsibility to make things better, to get along with each other, to make a better world.

Humans fight in the name of their God, we kill our brothers and sisters, maim, torture, there is no tolerance, is this right?

We are all from the same source, no matter what you call it, surly we should embrace the things we all have in common and stop embracing the differences.

We are all part of this universe, and if we dare to believe there is God behind the scenes, how can we truly understand a greater plan, we simply cannot. There are many religions, all claiming to be the way, the only way, it is only through narrow mindedness and ignorance that any one person can presume to be right.

To see the true beauty, we must look at the whole picture. The higher up the mountain we climb the better the view!

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