Sunday, 4 November 2012

When you hear a cry for help.... what would you do?

In a time when the world is in chaos, when humanity stands on a knife edge, is all hope lost? When people are in need what would you do to help? Give money or time? Anything?

Would you pull someone from the flames?

We have to change, start seeing the value in humanity, start to understand the need for love and compassion in this world.

We have created a society where money ranks above people, where there are men, women and children all over the world who go hungry, homeless, unable to afford treatments, etc all because of money, yet billions are given to big corporate organisations, to fund their losses, to feed the 1% at the 'top', whilst people continue to suffer. To put material wealth over a human life is simply wrong!

When will people realise that money is a part of a system that creates division, creates greed and denies basic human rights for many.

Money is just a tool and should not trump basic human needs.

Please Read the following:
My Journey with Cancer by GVLOANGUY 
My beginning was a small black spot in the middle of a discolored area of my forehead. April 2010. First surgery May 2010, second surgery August 2010. I was sent home "clear". They cut me in front of the ear down to below the jaw. One year later when the swelling went down from the 3 hour exploration surgery looking for the Sentinel Node. I could feel small bumps under the skin. I thought it was scar tissue. They were also along the scar line. But it kept growing so I went back to the doctor. My cancer was back. Another surgery. December 22, 2011. (there's a video on this one.) Took out the whole Parotid Gland. I think that's a part of the Lymph system. At that time I was in Stage 3 Recurrant Malignant Melanoma. Well after that surgery, small bumps all along the stitch line. Fouth Surgery took out the bigger ones that bothered me. All the rest were tiny. That was only 10 months ago. Now they're big. 
For more info: LINK
Alternative Treatments all the way!  
I refused to get Radiation and Chemo. I chose the Alternative treatment options. I still do. Do I regret not getting Radiation and Chemo. NO. I am still pursuing Alternative Therapy. Thus this ChipIn! page. I have found a Cancer Clinic that offers just what I need.
One small problem. MONEY. It's going to cost me $18,000 to get my own PET CT scan (Insurance denied me a PET CT) a Vascular Access PIC Line and Treatment. I know some of you would like to contribute five or ten dollars. So I've set up this page to make that easy. Also hoping you will help spread this page link around your social media sites. fb, twitter etc. 
In the end my trust is in the Lord 
I believe in God and I believe in the goodness and compassion people. People like you. Thank you in advance for any amount you can afford. Your donations will contribute to my Cancer Treatment and may very well save my life. 
Thy will be done. Whatever the outcome. I trust the Lord. Your prayers are always welcome.
Cancer Fund: Link
If it was possible to save a single life in these dark times, would you?

Help save a life....

Autumn time

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