Monday, 17 February 2014

Spiritual enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment can only be achieved by a few, who will see the illusion of this reality, ceases to chase material wealth, learn new understanding, learn true love towards all beings, relinquishing greed and hate.

This is achievable but not by those who do not know how to let go and grow. We must forever evolve, and allow ourself to see the total picture, and realising that everyone has an element of truth, and it is through the unification of all ideas that we see the total truth...

However, most will argue and fight a view point, even to the death, never realising that it all just a single perception of the greater view.

It is like two people standing either side of a wall, one side black the other white, and arguing that only they know the colour of the wall... in real terms they are both right and wrong, however the ultimate truth is that there is no wall.

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