Sunday, 18 March 2012

Paul Hellyer - former Canadian Minister of Defence - We need to change!

Paul Hellyer: ”I’d say the most urgent problem in the world is the environment. We’re wrecking the planet. We’re doing it at a very fast pace. We’re going to have to stop wrecking it and that means huge changes.” 
However, people are people and change is slow and difficult. It's unlikely people will change willingly, hence we need Governments to lead, but we need them to be fair.

We desperately need change, society is corrupt, but the corruption stems from our own greed, selfishness and narcissism.

We need to educate the next generation, so when they grow up it can be very different, remember, they're the next Police officers, Military and Governments, with a better attitude change can be a natural and sustainable.

Change for our generation is not possible, we live by rules that promote conflict and competition between each other, today there is no solidarity or equality.
People will even fight defending a place in a queue! 
Today's attitudes are deeply embedded in us all, we step on each other if it helps us get that little further up the ladder to wealth.0

What we need is a banking system that is 'not for profit', run by the individual countries Governments. 'Not for profit' systems should include all businesses too, all profits put back into the company to grow and employ, therefore potentially ending unemployment and spreading the wealth fairly. People's earnings are based on their contribution, skills and experience, not just because of status!

There would be enough revenue to give everyone the basics; housing, food and water.
However, greed prevents any change... 'I want more so why should I help others?' 
The minority own the majority, and the majority (who truly hold all the cards) have allowed this to continue.

We do need the Government, because they are here to protect us from ourselves, but, we need the system to be made fairer, promoting equality and humanity first.

Unfortunately, our elected Governments keep us in the dark, keep us divided and keep the system in place for their own agendas.

There's a Government behind the Government

Hope is all we have, and I hope that it will change one day, so my kids have a better future... so that they have a future!

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