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What is coming in 2012?

There is no doubt that we in a time of change. However, what is to come?

If you take the time to consider all evidence what conclusion would you come to?

We have social unrest, Governments bringing censorship to the internet, austerity measures bringing poverty to 1000's of people. The world is in a terrible state, we have made the world this way. Plus we have climate change, pole shift, solar maximum, asteroids falling to earth, etc... the future does not look rosy!

Currency devalue, economies fail: The Great Depression Is Under-way:

Increasing earthquakes:

Extreme weather conditions:

MOSCOW, April 23 (UPI) — A Russian scientist says the Arctic may be getting colder, not warmer, which would hamper the international race to discover new mineral fields.
An Arctic cold snap that began in 1998 could last for years, freezing the northern marine passage and making it impassable without icebreaking ships, said Oleg Pokrovsky of the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory. 
“I think the development of the shelf will face large problems,” Pokrovsky said Thursday at a seminar on research in the Polar regions. 
Scientists who believe the climate is warming may have been misled by data from U.S. meteorological stations located in urban areas, where dense microclimates creates higher temperatures, RIA Novosti quoted Pokrovsky as saying. “Politicians who placed their bets on global warming may lose the pot,” Pokrovsky said.
Temperatures in Russia's Far Eastern republic of Sakha (Yakutia) have plunged to minus 60 degrees Celsius (minus 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and meteorologists warn it could get colder.

In some parts of Europe thermometers show temperatures lower than -39 Celsius. In the Czech Republic weather forecasters warned that night-time temperatures could reach as low as -40 Celsius in the mountains.
A boy sits in front of an ice covered car in Versoix near Geneva February 5, 2012.(REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)

Cars make their way during a snowstorm in Porto Santo Stefano. (REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito)

For the first time in decades, water in the Black Sea near its shores has frozen, the Kerch Strait that links the Azov Sea and the Black Sea is closed to navigation, blocking 125 vessels at anchorage.
In the Romanian city of Buzau, which is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northeast of Bucharest, about 23,000 people have been cut off from the outside world by snow.

Layers of snow have literally trapped 38 villages located there. National broadcasters show pictures of houses buried in snow up to their rooftops. The country’s authorities have sent rescue teams with food supplies and other goods for people.

The death toll there has risen to 57 since the start of the cold spell.

In Serbia some 70,000 people remain cut off by the thick snow that has covered the Balkans in the recent weeks.

The Serbian government has taken the decision to reduce power supplies to 2,000 companies.

The state-run power company EPS has called on the public via a national television address to save electricity.

Record low temperatures and heavy snow in Turkey make it difficult to stay warm for more than 140,000 earthquake survivors still living in tents or temporary homes.
Italy faces its coldest temperatures in almost 30 years. In Rome forecasters predict as much as 30 centimeters (11 inches) in of snow over the weekend.
In Paris the authorities have had to dust off the city's only icebreaker to chop up the frozen canals. It has not been used for years, but after temperatures fell to -15 degrees, the ice has locked the waterways.

Pole Shift:

Asteroid may hit on 15th Feb 2012
In 2013 on Feb 15th Asteroid (2012 DA14) will come within 16000 -50000miles of earth, moving closer than the Google satellite. This means in real terms, this Asteroid will either skim our atmosphere or be caught in our orbit and crash to earth.

If Asteroid 2012 DA14 hits it will cause devastation, approx 40-100m in length, the blast being at least 1,000x more powerful than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

It could easily destroy any capital city, cause a tsunami, potentially killing hundreds. This is the reality the Government do not want you to know.

An asteroid of the same class as one that allegedly detonated over Tunguska River in 1908.......will pass by Earth next year, flying closer than some man-made satellites, according to NASA. The asteroid, 2012 DA14, will miss the planet by 26,900 kilometers on February 15, 2013, which is closer than satellites in the geostationary orbit of 35,700 kilometers (16,175miles), according to data on NASA’s website that was published on Sunday. 
The asteroid, first detected by the Spanish Observatorio Astronomico de La Sagra, is between 40 and 95 meters in diameter and belongs to Apollo group of near-Earth asteroids, many of which are potential collision hazards. 
Astronomer groups around the world are continuing monitoring 2012 DA14 to determine its size and trajectory. The estimated size of 2012 DA14 places it in the same category as the celestial body that, scientists say, exploded over western Siberia in 1908. 
Though many theories exist concerning the event on Podkamennaya Tunsguska River, the leading explanation is a space body more than 50 meters in size blew up in the atmosphere, the blast being at least 1,000 more powerful than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.
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It is interesting that this may hit in the so called 2012 era, could this be the sign from above? Who knows, only time will tell, but stay prepared and open minded.


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