Monday, 2 April 2012

9/11 What really happened?

The Government simply consider us to be sheep, to be expendable. We are all commodities to be bought and sold, our lives only have a value in regards to usefulness. With this simply truth in mind, killing us to achieve its own goals would be a decision easily made.

The Government needed public support to carry out its agenda, it needed an excuse to attack any country that did not comply to its will, and the perfect excuse came along, the 9/11 tragedy.

Could this have been planned?

What happened on that day was morally wrong and tragic, however the Government is not moral, they have an agenda, and will not hesitate to throw any one of us to the fire in order to achieve their goals!

The Government want control, and this horror, gave the Government the support they needed to carry out their plan, a move towards global domination, complete control!

Since this event, we have had our basic civil rights removed, we are now constantly monitored, and any one of us can be held without charge!

A Police state has arisen out of the ashes. We have allowed this, we were all tricked!

Things will get worse, systems are being put in place to control us, why now? Perhaps something big is coming, or perhaps they're losing control. Who knows what the truth really is, but what we do know, Governments from any country, cannot be trusted, they simply lie!

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