Monday, 2 April 2012

Police brutality, racism and corruption. This is now acceptable?

The Police force, were once here to protect us all, but now are here instead to Police us, to carry out the Governments will.

There have been so many documented miscarriages of justice carried out by Police officers, however, none are investigated or prosecuted, unless highlighted by newspapers or a public outcry.

There is evidence both by eye witnesses and documented video recordings showing Police brutality, racism and plain corruption.

However, if you happen to post on a social network any anti Government rhetoric, you could now face a prison sentence.

We no longer have any rights. All our web activity is recorded, all your emails, text and phone calls, all monitored. We no longer have any privacy, we have entered a Police state.

Remember, this is only the beginning, it will get worse, we will see more and more people arrested, locked up without trial, for simply exercising their rights to speak out.

The media are already supporting this move, with selective reporting, demonising protesters, hiding the excessive force the Police use against the people they're meant to protect.

The problem is, most people are led, and will follow without complaint, nothing but primitive unenlightened drones.

Rise above it, break the mould, see our society for what is truly is, and say NO!

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