Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's all about Control! A few thoughts.

Everywhere I look I see intolerance, injustice, pain and destruction, but the world is changing! 
Our civilization is slowly dying, why? What is going on?

2012 has been defined as the year of change. There has been an accelerated rise in our awareness and a realisation that there is something wrong not only in the way we live our lives but also in our understanding of our place in the universe, in this very reality. 

This period of change has in fact been happening for some time now, though since 2011 this feeling has accelerated for many people. All over the planet people are now opening their eyes, and starting to realise this basic truth, all is not well.

If you look hard enough, you will soon realise that the Governments of our planet are not the truly in control. There is a Government behind the Government, manipulating politics and our own thoughts, making the masses believe what they want you to believe, slowly and meticulously leading us to their own goal. Some call this organisation the Illuminati, whoever or whatever they are, the fact is they are real. The beauty of their existence is that the very idea sounds ridiculous, outrageous and plain stupid! However, if you start to look at how the world has been led, into and out of economic crisis, strategic wars, introduction of new diseases and their supposed cures! We are all being led, much like cattle, our population is being controlled through wars and allowing introduced diseases to naturally cull our population.

We are seeing the results of their manipulation, when we read about people turning savage and eating other humans, sea life dying because our water system is being contaminated, we see cancer raising by 73% - 95% in the next 20 years, we see new diseases being 'discovered' such as Chagas a tropical disease, spread by insects thought to be as lethal as AIDS and is incurable, that threatens to kill millions. Genetically modified insects is not a new concept, Governments have experimented with using insects as a weapon, carrying diseases to attack an 'enemy', pratically unstoppable and very hard to defend a population against.

Imagine a world where a disease effects most of the population, millions die, those people who are left would do anything for a cure, and the Government quietly vetting those to save and those they'll let die. Far fetched, perhaps not, is this already happening? Look at the millions allowed to die in so called third world countries, we blame the lack of money, but money is an illusion? Of course the Governments could prevent mass death, but they choose to let them die and hide behind red tape and bureaucracy.

So, from HIV AIDS, cancer, to newly 'discovered' diseases, have these all been introduced to simply kill us off, reducing the population? 

Is their aim simply to allow our natural resources to recover or a way to maintain control over us? 

I believe it is more to do with control, however, we are slowly slipping out of their 'control'; we think for ourselves, we have mentally evolved questioning all we see, no longer accepting what we are told, we want more from our lives. We now recognise that the worlds wealth is unfairly distributed, with only the top 10% holding 90% of the worlds wealth and resources. There is plenty for everyone, and if a resource dries up, humans find a way, we are resourceful. So why are we kept at the bottom?

It is simply greed and a need for power, and whilst our civilisation stays as it is we will be forever treated as cattle, never truly knowing freedom, forever slaves to a corrupt system.
Is the world is crumpling around us?
We can see our planet changing, we see our weather becoming more and more extreme, floods, tornadoes, drought. We are experiencing increased earth movement (pole shift), earthquakes, volcanoes. The Sun is approaching its 24th solar maximum, and we are already experiencing severe solar weather, which directly effects our planet and our own health! In addition to this we have a 'Control System' losing its power over us, and like a dying beast it is striking out, trying to remove what little rights we have, hiding behind the excuse of 'terrorism', creating illusionary enemies in order to create fear in us, and social unrest! Laws have been introduced that allow the Government to arrest and detain its citizens indefinitely, allow the state to legally monitor all of your private correspondence, even listen in and record your private conversations!

They already control all the mass media, and now they have attempted to control the last place of freedom of speech, the internet. 

Our very monetary system is an illusion, a good will gesture at best, yet we are so controlled that we fight for this illusion, crave it, some will kill for it, but money has no real worth, it is a control tool put in place to keep us in line, to give us a false hope, and we all follow without a second thought, why?

We fight for our possessions, told to crave more, but we really own nothing, not even our own bodies are ours, everything you see, everything you 'own' is truly only borrowed, everything returns to the source! So, why crave more, why not share?

We are told we have a nationality, we live on a piece of land which is on one planet. Our boundaries are just another illusion put in place to divide us all, to keep us divided and create illusionary enemies through misunderstanding and fear! We are ALL human, we are one people living on one world.

They are running scared and in their last desperate act will they start a third world war? We are causing problems to their 'New World Order'.

We know throughout history that the Government has tested mind controlling systems, from drugs to exposing us to mood controlling frequency through the media. This has not changed! We are still being exposed to chemicals through our water, food and air in an attempt to control the population through mind/mood control and a culling of the population through death caused by introduced diseases.

The truth of who we are is being kept from us, because the truth will bring about a realisation that all must change, and change is something 'The New World Order' wants to control.

We are one people, we are simply shadows of the self, our differences are just an illusion created by those in control, an attempt to keep people separated. We do not need to be governed, and once we realise that truth, they lose control and the world will change, we will then evolve to the next level of understanding and consciousness.

So what can we do?
The only thing we can do is become aware and remain vigilant to new unjust laws. Speak to each other and share thoughts, opinions and information. Remain open minded to new ideas and others opinions, we never know everything, we only know what we know at a given moment in time, if you allow yourself to evolve and grow, so will your ideas.


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