Sunday, 10 June 2012

'See the bigger picture'

If we look into the the reality we live in, what do you see?

This is a question that has a very individual answer, because what you see is a reality influenced by the sum of your experiences. Therefore to see what is true is a very difficult endeavour.

The world around you can be interpreted in many different ways, a pattern of events often will produce several different conclusions depending on the observers belief system. Therefore how do we find the ultimate truth and see reality as it is?

The answer is simple, in this reality there is no ultimate truth, rather many individual truths, many perspectives. This may be hard to initially understand, and many examples of what you believe to be true will pop into your mind, however, all you think and believe is only an opinion, your opinion, your point of view. Even what I am now writing is just my opinion, my perspective of reality based on my lifes experiences.

However, the wider and richer our experiences the better our interpretation of reality. You have to understand that we are only a small part of a whole, we are each only a single perspective of reality. Therefore the greater our experience and the more information we can assimilate the closer to the whole we become, and the closer to the whole the greater our understanding. It is impossible to totally become whole, to become one, because we are only a shadow, however we can grow our understanding and start to see our reality with a wider view.

'See the bigger picture' is phrase most people have heard, but what does it mean?

It is one of the basic truths in this reality. The more we see the greater our understanding. this may seem obvious but is this an impossible task, when as we grow physically, we shrink mentally, often getting stuck in our belief systems. Most people tend to fight for their beliefs, and in this naivety they often believe that they will achieve something better, but, they do not, they only cause damage to themselves and strengthen their rigidity in belief. The universe is a wonderful place, forever changing, forever moving, as are we. We never stay the same. This is another basic truth everyone needs to understand, never getting attached to anything, forever ready to let go, for everything is only ever borrowed. We flow with life, we are simply leaves on a stream, and it is the stream we must trust in.

The universe wants the best for us, and will guide us to the right path, we simply have to trust and remain open minded to all possibilities. The more open you become, opportunity will be revealed to you, the greater your experiences, the greater your understanding, and the clearer this reality.

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