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Another Nibiru contender: Tyche.. What is it?

There has been mounting speculation that a massive object in our solar system has been lurking in the shadows - but what is Tyche?

Unfortunately this is not a story about Aliens wandering around in massive UFO's but very valid reports regard a massive celestial body known as a Brown Dwarf.

The object is currently one of NASA's top priorities in its search of our own solar system, with the space telescope WISE being one bit of tech that is at the forefront.

This particular search for a brown dwarf - a failed star, is being conducted looking out into the asteroid cloud named Oort that is millions of miles beyond the former planet Pluto. There is also a lot of chatter among scientists that the brown Dwarf could indeed be an extremely large Gas Planet that could in fact make Jupiter look small.

There is a lot of evidence stacking in favor of the Brown Dwarf or gas giant that has been given the name Tyche, that could in fact be more than four times the size of Jupiter. Data from NASA's infrared space telescope WISE will confirm Tyche's location not only its existence within two years, stated Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire, whom conduct research out of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.

Tyche is a spin off theory of Nemesis, a planet that was theorized about in 1984. And is so named Tyche after the good sister of the goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology.

There have been a number of comets coming from unusual locations in our solar system, and a massive planet or Brown Dwarf could explain why the comets have been heading through our part of space. Which according to scientists could explain extinctions of the past on our planet.

Tyche apparently has a massive orbit that could take up to 27-million years to complete a cycle, which also explains a little why it has been lurking in the shadows.

Tyche would only be seen in the infrared spectrum of light through technology currently available to telescopes if indeed it is a Brown Dwarf. Which is why the infrared space telescope WISE is being used in the search for Tyche.

If there is a new discovery of a gas giant planet then no doubt it would consist of colorful stripes and spots like those of Jupiter. There would be storms that could eclipse that of the massive swirling red spot on Jupiter.

"You'd also expect it to have moons," he said. "All the outer planets have them." Said Whitmire to reporters at the Independent.


WNCNews – February 14, 2011 – A group of astronomers believed that they have discovered a new planet in the solar system. They suspected that the new planetis at a great distance from the Sun and has a size four times larger than the Jupiter.

The existence of this new planet is still to be seen again. However, some circles believed that the evidence has been collected and obtained through observation results from NASA telescope, WISE. Data on finding a new planet will be published this year.

Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, U.S., believed that the data could prove the existence of the new planet in two years. “If it was true, I and my colleague, John Matese, will be turned upside down. And, it is not easy at our age,” he said.

The planet is named Tyche for a while. The name is the name of a Greek goddess who determines the fate of a city. Tyche is suspected as giant gas planet, like Jupiter.

Tyche is expected to be in the outer Oort cloud, an “remote” area in the solar system. The distance of this new planet to the Sun reachs 15.000 times the Earth-Sun distance, or 375 times the distance of the Sun-Pluto.

Whitmire believed that the main constituents of Tyche are the Hydrogen and Helium. He also revealed that the planet’s atmosphere is similar to Jupiter’s atmosphere. “You also can hope this planet has some satellites,” he said.

Generally, the new planet is located in the Oort cloud which has a temperature of -273 degrees Celsius. However, Tyche is estimated to have a temperature of -73 degrees Celsius, 4-5 times warmer than Pluto.

If the existence of Tyche has been proven, then this new planet will be the ninth planet and also the largest. And the International Astronomical Union (IAU) will be the party which reject or accept the existence of this new planet.

Whitmire and his friend, Matese suspected the existence of this new planet is based on the irregularities that occurred at an angle of arrival of the comet in the Oort Cloud. By 20 percent of certain amount that emerged since the year 1898 has angle of arrival which is than it should.

Possibility of the existence of Tyche was disclosed by Whitmire in an interview with The Independent on Sunday (Feb. 13, 2011). Whitmire research results which was published in the journal Icarus this month based on the irregularities in the angle of arrival of the comet.

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