Monday, 25 April 2011

Is this the real reason Libya was attacked, April 3rd 2011

Could this be the real reason Libya was attacked. There is a lot in government that happens that we do not know, governments are far from transparent, only allowing us to know what they want us to know. Misinformation is the common government language, I cannot remember a time when a politician spoke openly and directly about, well, about anything.

It is suggested that the USA (possibly other countries such as the UK) have been waiting for an opportunity to remove Gaddafi and may have even encouraged the recent uprising. It is a very British tactic, divide and conquer..

However Libya is apparently connected with terrorist groups and have aided these groups to carry out their attacks, or so we are led to believe. My initial reaction is that those reports are probably true, however, how can I trust a source, namely the governments, that I know do not give the entire truth about situations, and strive to manipulate and control.

There is more behind any action a government takes, and we are only ever told a half truth, I guess the rest may be revealed in the history books.

Here follows a video that offers a suggested reason to the conflict in Libya.

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