Sunday, 6 March 2011

What will the future hold for us

What will the future hold for us, we will never know until our future becomes our present! 
What ever the future may or may not hold is irrelevant in many ways, because unless humanity resolves its problems today there will be no future for us. What this "2012 doomsday" theory has shown us is that humanity is in a mess and needs a drastic change. 
We look up at the stars, back to the past, to myth and fantasy... but we miss the present, this is the only moment that truly exists and the only moment that we have control over. 
Perhaps the hype has taken a life of its own, 1938 radio broadcast of "War Of The Worlds" where all who listened to the broadcast were terrified by their impending doom! 
Perhaps humanity needs a change and longs for something to force us to be better. It is the few who control the masses, but it is the masses that have the power, and it is the masses that are starting to question, therefore change is inevitable no matter from where it comes from.
It is in this moment that we should experience the world and ourself. It will be the end one day, this is certain, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2012 or maybe in a millennia. So should we simply accept whatever the future holds?

We must remain vigilant and not lose site of why we ask these questions, why we look around every corner , under every stone, it is simply to find the truth.
I have summarised some of the points that have been used as an argument that in 2012 all the events throughout human existence will reach climatic peak:
  • Increased UFO sittings, now have become harder to dismiss due to confirmation from a variety of non-related sources and modern recording devices.
  • Alien abductions has become more commonly reported and accepted
  • The return of the Anunnaki, an alien species that visited Earth before humans or when humans were less evolved. They genetically altered what they found in order to us.
  • Ancient civilisations warning us about a major change that will alter humanity forever.
  • Prophetic predictions, from people like Nostradamus, Bible Code, Mayans, etc
  • Approaching Planet Nibiru (or Planet X) as mentioned by the Sumerians
  • Solar cycle peak, the Solar Dynamic Observatory(SDO), was launched on February 11, 2010 to observe and understand our resident star, or just an early warning system put there by a worried NASA.
  • A weakening of Earth's magnetic fields, our first line of defence against solar radiation. It has also recently been discovered that a hole in this field has appeared 3x the size of the earth. The magnetic poles are in the process of a shift, and the speed of this change has accelerated over the recent years. 
  • A recent increase in Natural Disasters 
  • Transit of Venus May/June 2012, throughout history this event has been followed by natural disasters on earth
  • Cosmic alignment, has been mentioned by many cultures as signifying a major change in our consciousness
  • Winter Solstice cosmic alignment, signifying a spiritual awakening
  • Government mis-information leading to public confusion and "Chinese whispers"
  • Apparent NASA mis-information regarding Mars and Moon photos, leading to mis-trust and further conspiracy theories "what are they hiding?"

What do you believe? Ultimately belief is a point of view and so perhaps is the truth. 

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