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Why are most UFO sightings consist of lights or blurry images or videos?

It seems that most sightings are probably hoaxes, or human in origin and the rest are difficult to explain without a leap of imagination. There is a very real phenomena happening here and it is important that we discover the truth. Alien life exists out there in the universe, possibly in our solar system or even in our oceans.
Alien Races

With regard to the Governments, they either create mis-information, plain lie or maybe they are simply testing new technologies. One thing is for sure the Governments rarely release what they do know about any given subject. So, any information provided directly from Government sources must be accepted with scepticism.

The phenomena of UFO's is a complex issue and creates hot debate.

Alien Fleet?

Are these UFO's alien in origin?
Not all UFO sightings are alien in origin, this is certain. However, many sightings have been reported not only by the general public but also by; Airline Pilots, Police Officers, Coast Guards, Astronauts, and yes even N.A.S.A.

There have been many photo's and videos to support the sightings and are these freely available with a little investigation.

So, the time has come to accept that this is a real event, with supported evidence, and the quicker humanity accepts this the quicker we can find out the truth.

Incredible UFO filmed above Pakistan 2010

Why do some UFO sightings appear as lights in the sky?
This has intrigued me for some time, if they wanted to be seen why not simply fly low over villages, towns and cities, and in a matter of hours it would be all over the media, all over the world. If it is an attempt at contact, again, it is a very strange way of communication, why not simply broadcast on a radio frequency or on TV network frequencies, this really would not be difficult to do.

Also seen around the sun in 2010 (below)

source below

Covert flight would be easy to achieve, turn the lights off, shield the lights, etc, yet they do not. If in these cases they were human in origin, why fly around cities, airliners, even military craft, etc. The Military often attack these objects, yet the UFO's do not attack back? Why?

Consider this, once you rule out; an attempt at contact, Government aircraft, natural phenomena, hoaxes and mental illusions, you are left with only one possibility, we are being watched. We just do not know why, is there a long term purpose?

N.A.S.A. Recordings

2012: The Return?
With 2012 fast approaching, UFO sightings have increased. There are lots of theories about what will happen over the coming years, however, whatever your theory may be, it is intriguing that sightings have increased.

Let me suggest the following:
  • It is often said a return of greater beings or being: Suppose this is a return of a race of beings who where in this solar system first?
  • It is often spoken about a truth being revealed: Perhaps the truth about our origin?
  • It is often said it will be a hard time for humanity: If a species return here, perhaps they will want this planet back? According to the Sumerians we were created as slaves.
  • Planetary change: If we are heading for a natural disaster, humanity will be at its weakest, would this be the best time for another species to reveal itself?
  • The Government: Why do Governments shoot first? Are they trying to prevent us from knowing what is really going on?
  • Groomed: Are we being groomed for first contact?
UFO In Australia Dec 7th 2010

UFO 2008 Turkey

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